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Evaluating Recruitment Processes

Harvard Business Case:
January 19, 2006

Thomas Delong
Vineeta Vijayaraghavan

SG Cowen: New Recruits

1. Evaluate the recruitment process at Cowen. Include in this discussion recommendations for the target schools selection and Super Saturday.
2. Make recommendations for improving the interviewing process.
3. What are legal and ethical dangers of conducting unstructured interviews?
4. Suggest other ways to collect information regarding the hiring decision. Why does Cowen not use psychological tests? Do you agree with this decision?
5. How can the main criterion of organizational fit be operationalized?

Solution Summary

This essay-style solution provides background information about SG Cowen Company, an evaluation of the recruitment process at Cowen, recommendations for improving the interviewing process, unstructured interviews and legal and ethical dangers, ways to collect information regarding hiring decisions, psychological testing, criterion of the hiring process of the organization and a conclusion. This solution is approximately 2500 words with eight references.