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Multiple choice

Assume that liquid funds can be invested to yield 8 percent. If annual remittance checks total $3 billion, what is it worth for the firm to reduce float by 1 day?

a. $688,349
b. $24,000,000
c. $657,534
d. $54,833

An important (additional) consideration for a direct foreign investment is ________.
a. political risk
b. maximizing the firm's profits
c. attaining a high international P/E ratio
d. maintaining the domestic cost of capital

All of the following are examples of political risk for a U.S. company investing in a foreign country except:
a. expropriation of plant and equipment
b. the problem of blocked funds
c. substantial changes in foreign country tax laws
d. government requirements that ownership must be limited to U.S. citizens

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1. The savings in interest for 1 day would be 3,000,000,000 X 8% X ...

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