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The Worst E-Commerce Site in the World

Using Google or other methods find the worst e-commerce site possible. Write a paper that make this your choice for the "Worst Web Site in the World". The report should be the web site found, why it is the worst web site in the world, and how you would fix the issues.

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Here is a basis for your paper. I put it in note form, and I think it would be pretty easy for you to translate it into an essay.

Before we show a bad website, we should explain characteristics of a good website:

- easy to navigate with menu bars helping consumers find their information
- an icon where they could click on each page which brings them home
- easy to read font (size, style, color)
- not too flashy, little or no animation so that someone with a slow connection can still load up the page
- all of the information necessary is right on the top of the screen, there should be no need to scroll down to read important information. It is also a horrible design where the page is so long that you have to scroll for a long time just to reach the end.
- A consumer should not have to struggle when looking for where to click
- when purchasing, the number of clicks until you get to the ...

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651 words to first outline what makes a good site and then explain how a knitting store found online violates all of these, and how they can fix their startling deficiencies.