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Compile a Diversity Training Manual

You have just been hired as the human resources (HR) manager by your company's chief executive officer (CEO). During your interview process, the CEO indicated that in the last 2 decades, the workforce demographics of her company have changed dramatically. Although this had been occurring, both the previous HR manager as well as all of the company's front-line supervisors have remained as they had been for years: primarily white males, now in their 50s and early 60s, from a Judeo-Christian background. The CEO indicated that at a frequent rate, workplace strife had been increasing, and it seemed to be related to the changing demographics of the workforce itself. The CEO asked you to compile a training manual that consists of sections targeted at the training of the existing front-line supervisors. Later on, there will be sensitivity training as well as to help all employees understand the changing workforce and what it might mean for them.

To complete the CEO's request for a comprehensive training manual, she has asked you to first create a table of contents for the manual and to complete about 5% of the manual itself, just laying out the structure.

It will need to cover diversity issues, specifically the following forms of discrimination:

There also must be information regarding the following information:

Recent trends
Forecasts about the changing general population
Legislation covering these type issues
There will need to be subsections that deal with the following information:

Customs and values of each group
The need for sensitivity to differing values and customs
Legislation affecting supervisor regulation

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