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Readiness for Performance Dashboards

What is the current state of your organization's readiness (organizational and technical)? If you don't know or are unemployed, conduct some independent research regarding this topic for an organization of your choice. If your organization is not "ready", what steps does it need to take to become so?

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Our book states that to evaluate readiness, an organization must have a clearly defined strategy, the support of mid-level managers, a strong team, and available resources, as well as a culture of measurement (Eckerson, 2011). The company, which I currently work for, does not have many of these criteria. It does, however, have a clear and urgent need for more direction and a system to manage the efforts to make progress. The biggest issue I see is the lack of a clearly defined strategy. It appears to those of us not part of the management team that the company's direction is constantly changing and the company appears to be more reactive to current events than strategizing for the future of the company. There is a need for management to commit to a strategy and set goals so that each of us can perform our duties better, as well as have the ability to better support the company. By doing this, the company would build a stronger team and develop the resources that Eckerson ...

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This solution discusses the readiness of an organization for performance dashboards from an organizational and technical standpoint. It includes examples and APA references.