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Appropriate attire/dress for a presenter

What is appropriate attire/dress for someone making a presentation?

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The following are suggestions for the presenter's attire when delivering a professional business presentation and includes links to websites that have more detailed information:

"Keep this rule in mind: Dress slightly more formally than you anticipate your audience will dress."

Dress up in clothing that you are comfortable in such as:

1) A business suit or sport coat and tie for men

2) A ...

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Do you need to know what to wear when making a business presentation? Presentations are made in many different venues, and the presenter does need to know what the appropriate dress or attire is for his/her specific venue. This 245-word solution gives suggestions for appropriate attire/dress for a business presentation and includes citations and web addresses with more information and the opinion of the experts. This information can be used by the actual presenter or in response to a discussion question or course assignment.