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Virus infection and HIV

I have chosen HIV for this topic, and I will need to establish an infection in an organ of my choice. Discuss the innate and adaptive immune responses that you will need to overcome along with their attributes to establish the infections and the type of immunodeficiency you will benefited by.

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I am an HIV virus and this is how I can evade the host immune system.

Our immune system contains two types of cells: B cell and T-cell. B-cell is responsible for production of antibodies and is associated with innate immune system. T cell is responsible for helping the B-cell to make antibodies to kill foreign substances. The two main types of T-cells are helper T cell and cytotoxic T -cell. The T-helper population is divided into those which help B-cell (Th2) and those which help cytotoxic T-cells (Th1). Thus, B-cell require the help of ...

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This solution contains a description of the innate and adaptive immune system that HIV needs to overcome to establish an infection in the host immune system.