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Biology Practice Quiz

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Up until the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, many naturalists believed that all species of living organism(s) had been created separately and had remained unchanged since the creation. Around that time, scientific research provided findings that were contradictory to that idea. All of the following are findings that contradict the idea of a single creation. Choose the exception.

A) The platypus is only found in Australia and the dodo was only found on Madagascar.
B) Some fossils of extinct organisms are quite different from living organisms.
C) As scientists explored more of the earth, they found that different groups of organisms were found in the different regions.
D) Even though the limbs of various mammals carry out different functions (swimming, gliding, running, holding, etc.), the bone patterns are very similar.
E) The limbs of some mammals serve the same purpose but their bone patterns are very different

I think that B is the answer. Intelligent design advocates often site the absence of transitional species in the fossil record and the sudden appearance of fish with scales and birds with feather, beaks and wings. Leading me to believe that the answer B was the intent of the question's author.

Which of the following is the best ...