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Warhol/Liechtenstein-Inspired Poster

Create a poster using Pop Art or Op Art influences. Use the following artists for inspiration:

- Andy Warhol
- Roy Liechtenstein
- Robert Rauschenberg
- Jasper Johns
- Josef Albers
- Bridget Louise Riley
- Yaacov Agam
- Jesus Rafael Soto

Explain how your composition is similar to the art movement you chose. Use appropriate terminology in your paragraph(s).

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First, look up some of the mentioned artists on the web, and check out examples of their work. Think about how you could create something stylistically similar.

These are the two artists I used for inspiration:
- Andy Warhol: Iconic images of food and packaging
- Roy Liechtenstein: Comic-book style, patterned backgrounds and Onomatopoeia (sounds spelled out).

This sample, example poster I created in response to this assignment is influenced by ...

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Sample, example response to this assignment using inspiration from Warhol and Lichtenstein for student to model their own response after, plus suggestions for similar possible posters.