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    Elements of a marketing plan

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    I need to write the marketing plan for this class assignment and I need to write marketing plan on to sell this book as well as to market this website. I just finished building this website which is www.unstoppableattitude.org the main purpose of this website is to sell this book through this website and portion of the money goes to cancer society. I need your guidence/suggestion on how to start to write effective marketing plan. After I finish writing I will re-submit for you to check for final review. For now all I need is guidence to start up by answering two line answer on below criteria which would give me direction to expand and I will re-submit for final review. FYI-I need to write 20 page double spaced.

    Here is some criteria would you please answer two three libe below these question so I can expand it.

    The Situation Analysis (SA) includes the following sub-sections:
    1.Analysis of the Customer Environment
    2.Analysis of the Industry/Competitors
    3.Analysis of the Internal Environment

    The SWOT Analysis (from a Business Unit perspective): needs to identify and assess the following:
    1.The business unit's strengths and weaknesses?
    2.The primary opportunities and threats in the market?

    1.Definition of the Product-Market
    2.Segmentation Scheme
    3.Targeting Decisions
    4.Positioning Strategy within the Targeted Market Segment

    Critical Marketing Variables For The 21st Century: The Four "C"s
    Does your plan address the following:
    1. Care
    Marketers must really care about the way they treat customers - I.e customers are everything
    2. Choice
    Marketers need to reassess the diversity and breadth of their offerings into a manageable good-better-best selection
    3. Community
    Even National marketers must be affiliated, attached to neighborhoods wherever they operate stores
    This is the task of dealing with the ongoing reality of demographic change
    Marketing Mix (MM)

    Projected Results (3 years out)
    The Projected Results section shows the impact of following your Marketing Plan relative to the correctness of your assumptions, analyses and assessments. Here the marketing goals are converted to financial ones to indicate the financial impact of implementing the marketing strategy via the marketing mix. For your paper you must provide an estimate of the market's potential, your expected share, a unit break-even analysis (a contribution analysis without the contribution; e.g., (fixed costs & marketing expense)/(selling price - variable cost))), and a very basic pro forma income statement showing expected contributions for the first 3 years.

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    Thank you for selecting me! I am sure with my input you will be able to develop a comprehensive marketing plan.

    I would start off by giving some background on a marketing plan:
    A marketing plan is created in order to know where and how to spend resources to promote a product and to reach specific objectives. A marketing plan can include:

    - Exec summery - this is a summery which will include all relevant information about your product written concisely.
    - Marketing research - the needs and attitudes and competitors' products are assessed, and continues through into advertising, promotion, distribution, and, where applicable, customer servicing and repair, packaging, and sales and distribution. This information is actually critical to the marketing plan on a whole. The more you know about your product and its environment, the more you can assess how you will promote it, and you might be able to asses the forecasted demand easier
    - Market analysis - here you explain your market share, target audience (who is interested in your product), how you segmented the population (how you figured out who is interested in your product), who your competitors are, what is their market share, what are market trends
    - A budget: The plan can include how much money the company is willing to spend on each marketing tool
    - Sales goals and pricing strategy: the marketing plan can indicate projected sales, how much revenue they hope to incur as well, pricing options could be discussed.
    - Timeline: the plan can specify a timeline of when each marketing tool would be implemented. The company could start of with a radio campaign beginning on june 1st, them publish print ads on august 1st followed by a direct mail campaign on december 1st
    -Target audience: the marketing plan could state that their target audience is men aged 35-49 which is a quantifiable figure
    - Distribution plan: This is how you plan on getting the product from the manufacturer to the store. It could include details such as the product will be produced in China, and will be shipped by boat, and then trucked to individual stores.
    - Implementation - how you plan on executing the marketing plan. Do you need to hire personnel? Do people need special training? ...

    Solution Summary

    This posting looks at various elements of a marketing plan for a book that is about cancer, and donates money to charitable organizations.

    - Executive summary
    - Marketing research
    - Marketing analysis
    - Budget
    - Sales goals and pricing strategy
    - Timelines
    - Target audience
    - Distribution plan

    It then looks at the Situation Analysis (SA), and includes a SWOT analysis. It concludes by looking at the Marketing Mix (MM):