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Fitness Program for an Asthma Client

Design a workout for someone with asthma and identify the reasons why you have chosen to design the prescribed workout. Please include at least ten references.

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Workout Plan for Asthmatic

In designing a workout for someone with asthma, the most recent guidelines by the World Health Organization (WHO)'s Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) recommend determining the level of activity based on the control of the condition: controlled, partly controlled, uncontrolled, or exacerbated (American College of Sports Medicine, 2010). Subjects should consult with their physician prior to beginning an exercise program to determine the safety of exercise, confirm exercise selection, and consider how to treat an exercise induced asthma attack.

Most individuals with controlled asthma will benefit from regular exercise, since it helps to reduce the "ventilatory requirement for various tasks, making it easier for them to participate in normal activities with less shortness of breath and fewer asthma attacks" (Bryant, Green, 2010). In fact, exercise has been prescribed to assist in the management of asthma (Fitch, Anderson, 2012).

Individuals with asthma should have a broncholdilating inhaler with them at all times, and be instructed to use it at the first sign of wheezing. They should also be encouraged to drink plenty of fluids before and during exercise, to stay hydrated and prevent dry airways. These individuals should avoid exercising in extremes in temperature and humidity. A mask or scarf can serve to protect the face from cold air and wind. Individuals with asthma should also be concerned with the level of pollutants in the air, and general air quality, working to minimize exposure to allergens and irritants (Banfield, Young, Murphy, 2012).

Low-intensity dynamic exercise is recommended based on the individual's fitness status and limitations. Upper body exercises such as rowing or cross-country skiing are not as appropriate due to higher ventilation demands (Bryant, Green, 2010).

The individual should exercise at least three to ...

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This is a fitness program designed for an asthma sufferer. It includes at least 10 references as well as an explanation as to why the program was chosen.