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Strength Training Program: 6 week Plan

Hi, I need help with developing a comprehensive strength training program. I am not too sure where to begin. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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My strength training program is for a 35 year old male, who is interested in furthering his current level of fitness by improving his overall strength and increasing his lean body mass. He is pre-hypertensive and wants to be preemptive in taking action against high blood pressure.
His goals are:
- Strength train three times a week for six weeks.
- Increase maximum bench press by 15% over six-week period.
- Increase lean body mass by five pounds within three months.
- Lower blood pressure from 139/80 to desired range of 90-119/ 60-79 in six weeks.

These goals will be measured in the following ways:
1. A calendar will be used to track daily/weekly participation in the program. Client has agreed to log all exercise to track results.
2. Client currently bench presses 160 pounds. I will ...

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This detailed solution is a comprehensive strength training program; giving a sample client, his SMART goals, a progressive plan, and includes explanations of eccentric, cocentric, and isometric exercise. The plan is on a grid, and includes sets/reps.