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Workout to Improve Muscular Endurance.

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A 25 year old male can only perform 20 consecutive pushups. Where does his range fall? Design a six week long workout protocol for him to improve his muscular endurance. (300 words)

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This solution identifies the range a 25 year old male falls into if he can only perform 20 consecutive pushups, and gives a six week workout for him to improve muscular endurance. Includes APA formatted references.

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Based on the National Strength and Conditioning Association's "Age-Gender Norms for Push-up Test," a 25-year-old male who can perform only 20 consecutive pushups falls into the 30th percentile (Earle, Baechle, 2004). According to the "Army PFT Push-up Score Chart," this subject would fall into the 37th percentile of 25-year-old males (military.com, 2012).

To improve his muscular endurance, the subject must begin an exercise program focusing on long, mid-intensity workouts. It would be wise to incorporate both body weight exercises, like planks, as well as dumbbells or machines. He should plan on exercising slowly, and avoiding jerky movements. Utilizing a mirror to ensure that there is visual feedback can also help to increase range of motion and monitor performance. The subject should plan to exercise regularly, with at least thirty minutes of exercise most days, but longer if possible. The following six-week workout plan will enable the subject to improve his muscular strength and endurance. It serves to give him a schedule that allows his body to be challenged, increasing the weight and frequency of exercises as he gains endurance.

Week 1:
Monday: Swim 8 to 10 ...

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