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    Muscular Fitness Protocol.

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    Question: Identify one muscular fitness testing protocol and find a journal article that utilizes that protocol. Summarize the article and talk about what was gleaned by the researchers from this study. How was this particular testing protocol important? What other testing protocol could they have used?

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    Reference: Turner, A., Walker, S., Stembridge, M., Coneyworth, P., Reed, G., Birdsey, L., Barter, P., Moody, J. (2011, Oct). A Testing Battery for the Assessment of Fitness in Soccer Players. National Strength and Conditioning Journal. Vol. 33, No. 5, October 2011.

    In "A Testing Battery for the Assessment of Fitness in Soccer Players" the authors identify that strength and conditioning professionals working with soccer teams must be able to administer tests based on the needs of the sport. The authors determined to test soccer players to determine an appropriate test battery of soccer specific fitness tests.

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    This solution identifies a muscular fitness testing protocol that is supported by a journal article. It summarizes article and discusses results of research. The solution discusses how the testing protocol was important and suggests a different protocol that could have been used. APA formatted references provided.