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Full Body Workout Description And Analysis

This week we cover skeletal and muscular systems. I would like for each of you to do something different. Try a new workout and tell us about it.

Try a new class (yoga, salsa dancing, kickboxing, spinning, or pilates for example) or new activity.

Why did you choose this workout/event?
What specific muscles/areas of the body did this class focus on?
What are things you liked about it? What are things you did not like?
If you were to continue this class/event what are goals you hope this class would help you to achieve?
Would you recommend this workout to anyone?
Was the workout aerobic? Was it anaerobic? Was it a mixture?
Did you do mostly isometric or isotonic contractions?

Please explain your answers.

300 words total

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Hope this helps- please let me know if you have any questions.

Today I chose a new workout called "Less is More." I found this workout at I chose it because I like the idea of a simple workout that I can do at home and in a short amount of time. Also, after looking through many workouts, I liked that I could accomplish a total body workout, with an emphasis on core conditioning.
The specific muscles/areas of the body that the workout focused on were quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, erector spinae, gastrocnemius, soleus, rectus abdominus (squats), ...

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This solution gives a link to a great total body workout, explains what muscles are worked, it is is aerobic or anaerobic, and used isometric or isotonic contractions.