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    Regression Analysis of league average and body weight

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    16. Does a heavier bowler knock down more pins? Jim Samuels, manager of Maple Lanes, asked 15 men's league players to report their body weight (lb.) and their league average, rounded to the nearest pin. Results are shown in the table attached.

    Make sure you include your chart and calculations from excel as a part of your answer.

    a. Construct a scatter plot of the data.
    b. Find the equation for the least squares line of best fit.
    c. Draw the least squares line on the scatter plot.
    d. Predict the league average for an adult male bowler who weighs 190 lb. What can you conclude, do heavier bowlers knock down more pins?

    (See attached file for full problem description)

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    The solution gives the details of regression analysis of league average and body weight. Slope, intercept, correlation, r square, coefficient of determination, independent variable, dependent variable, least square estimation, prediction and scatter diagram are given.