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    Simple or Complex Carbohydrates after an Endurance Workout

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    If one works out for at least 3 continuous hours straight and needs to refuel because their energy is getting low during their activity, would you recommend them to consume simple and/or complex carbs? If complex, which ones would you recommend so they do not have any intestinal issues?

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    After working out for three hours, Jennifer Ward Barber, at the Ironman (June 12th, 2013) site offers some good points from top dieticians, worth starting with. She references Pip Taylor, nutritionist, and professional triathlete, by mentioning that drinking fluids are a critical first consideration. Also, issues like elevation, temperature and what condition the body is in. Electrolyte drinks and consumption of low-sugar beverages are advised ...

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    This solution discusses using simple or complex carbohydrates after an endurance workout for athletes. The expert examines the recommendations of consuming simple and complex carbs. Intestinal issues are examined for working out for three continuous hours straight with the need to refuel.