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    Marketing Plan

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    My company is a telecom software application maker. What ethics issues does my company face from a marketing standpoint? How do you recommend these issues be approached?

    Scenario: A soft drink producer's primary product line is entering the mature stage of the product life cycle and is beginning to lose market share to new competitors. Based on this scenario the following points need to be addressed:

    (1) What are the top two measures of marketing plan performance? Explain why you made these choices.
    (2) How should the marketing plan be adjusted to support the organization's business objectives?

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    STEP 1
    Ethics Issues the telecom software manufacturer faces:

    1. Should the manufacturer outsource the software development to a foreign country? The manufacturer should note that the home country itself has a large number of software engineers. The direct advantage that the manufacturer gets is that there is a cost reduction. The company should first decide its policies and them communicate it to the stakeholders.
    2. Do the software engineers deployed by the company have adequate expertise and qualifications? The manufacturing of software is often done with the help of not adequately qualified programmers and technicians. This leads to substandard development. The company should recruit and train engineers in the relevant fields.
    3. What is the extent of software testing done by the manufacturer? Extensive software testing, verification and checks for automation are the responsibility of the manufacturer. Complete testing at different levels including testing of components should be done. If deadline expires, the problem should be explained to the client. However, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to complete all tests before he makes deliveries. Often tight deadlines induce the make to compromise these steps and deliver software that still has glitches in it.
    4. Does the manufacturer have adequate facilities for ...

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