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Marketing plan

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Marketers must understand the tools of their trade. research the essential marketing tools, then create a report in which you adress the following questions:

1. what is the overall purpose of a marketing plan?

2. How do a merketing plan and strategic marketing plan fit together?

3. what are some legal or ethical issues you may need to consider?

4. List and discribe the various componets of a strategic marketing plan? this portion of the project provides a framework for the remaining work.

5. Your report should include a reference list. All research should be cited in the body of the paper, as a minimum 1 per paragraph. Use APA format.

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Marketing plan

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The overall purpose of a marketing plan is to guide the organization with a strategic plan and set of activities towards corporate vision, mission and goals/ objectives of the organization. the marketing plan aims at maximizing the market share of any organization with respect to any industry it wish to operate as defined by its product or service lines. Maximizing revenue and profits for every stakeholder of the organization is the ultimate goal of any organization and a sound marketing plan is one of the most important elements to achieve this goal.

A marketing plan is an essential element of the broader strategic marketing plan. The strategic marketing plan drives the overall corporate strategy and defines the core business strategies of an organization with respect to various aspects such as marketing, finance and operations and specieifies broad guidelines and framework for the organization to operate. A marketing plan is a core area within the broad strategic plan defining the objectives, strategies and ...

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