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Baracuta Advertising Campaign

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Please help with this creative assignment.....

Everthing about this assignment is included in the scanned attached document

just need one idea that reflects the original advertisement, but in a new, creative story line.

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My former boss suggested I wear a plastic-coated rain slicker.....
I always knew that man was a Phillistine. As if I would even consider wearing anything other than my beloved Baracuta raincoat in inclement weather. That raincoat is the epitome of elegance, style and comfort. And that boss is history. My new boss met me at my interview wearing a Baracuta raincoat. I knew the instant we met that this new job would be ...

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Creative story line idea for new Baracuta raincoat advertisement campaign. New ad must reflect the attitude and format of the original advertisement, using a creative new story line idea.