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Advertising campaign

The Project Director wants to hear more about one of the areas in your group project.

1. Review your Group Project and explain your advertising/public relations campaign for one of those target segments (righteous, social, or pragmatic).

2. Be sure to provide explanation to support your messaging and strategy decisions.

I am most concerned with your support for your ideas not just your ideas. Your explanation of why you made certain decisions are best supported with research. (Minimum of 3 sources)

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//Before writing about the steps of strategic policy related to the advertising campaign, it is essential to have knowledge about the advertising campaign. One should know about the main purpose of 'Advertising Campaign', which further will assist in analyzing the strategic policy.//

Advertising campaign


The project is about making a marketing plan for launching a product of shampoo in the new area. My chosen target audience for the advertising campaign is the social group. Advertising is paid form of non personal presentation of goods or services by an identified sponsor to reach out to maximum number of audiences. Individuals and business firms promote their goods, services, issues, ideas, and messages through advertisements. Wide range of media is used to promote the advertising message to the target audience. Advertising helps organizations to create awareness of their products or services or about the company itself, among the target audience. It then induces interest, develops desires and finally motivates consumers to take an action (in the form purchase).

The main purpose of designing an effective advertising campaign is to achieve a specific ...

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