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    Healthy Products

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    Which of these products would be the healthiest? Make sure you explain your answer fully.

    Product (A) Product (B)

    Serving Size 1oz 1.5oz
    Calories 150 165
    saturated Fat 3g 1g
    Trans Fat 0g 0g
    Choleaterol 2mg 1mg
    Fiber 1g 3g
    Sugars 3g 1g
    Protein 1g 2g
    Vitamin A 35% 30%
    Calcium 15% 25%
    Vitamin C 100% 100%
    Vitamin D 30% 30%

    Main ingredients: Product (A) Product (B)

    Milk Water,nonfat
    potato milk,whole corn,
    vegetable oil vegetable oil,whole
    salt wheat flour,
    sugar rice flour, and
    whole oat flour

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