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    Marketing Budget Plan for Eat Right Healthy Shop

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    Marketing Plan Elements For Eat Right Healthy Shop
    Direct and Alternative Competition
    In the market of the U.S., the Eat Right Healthy Shop faces a direct competition from many other similar retail shops that provide the products and services almost similar to the Eat Right Healthy Shop. The common direct competitors of the shop are Whole Foods Store, Safeway Stores and Trader Joe's Store (CNN, 2008).
    Eat Right Healthy Shop also have strong alternative competition in the US market as there are many substitute shops available in the market, due to which customers are now available with many options of purchasing products from the shops (CNN, 2008). The major retail shops that pose alternative competition to Eat Right Healthy Shop include Hannaford Stores, Albertsons Stores, Publix Super Market and Super Target (CNN, 2008).
    The promotional strategies that will be useful for Eat Right Healthy Shop may include pamphlet advertisements, newspaper advertisements, hoarding advertisements and advertising the shop using social media platforms (Gelder & Woodcock, 2003). These strategies may help in advertising the shop to a wider population and these kinds of promotions attract more and more customers.
    Pricing is yet another important factor to be taken into consideration while entering into marketing, where Eat Right Healthy Shop has a number of competitors (Richards, 2015). For this purpose, it is suggestible that penetration pricing strategy must be used to establish the shop as a new affordable products' shop, wherein the products are to be sold at quite low prices with discounts in comparison to other competitor stores prices (Richards, 2015).
    Customer Analysis
    Before entering the market, it is essential to analyze the customers of the US to know their likings and preferences. For this purpose, niche marketing strategy could be used to clearly identify the market it needs to focus (Aaker & McLoughlin, 2009). Other than this, the type of customers living in that area and their lifestyle should be researched by exploring the shopping experiences of the consumers and taking a survey feedback of the customers regarding their shopping experiences in big supermarkets. This helps to know the kind of products consumers like to buy and the prices that they could pay for the products.
    Distribution and Selling
    The shop should use its own retail outlets to distribute and sell the products to the consumers, rather than giving franchisee to other retail shops or getting into a mutual partnership with any other retail outlet in other areas, it would be beneficial for Eat Right Healthy Shop to initially establish its own brand name in the market. This will enable the shop to attain customers support and trust (Aaker & McLoughlin, 2009).
    There could a number of leadership issues that the shop is likely to face on entering the market including technological issues such as use of mobile apps for digital experiences in the store, social media and mobile payments, for which it might be possible that the leaders are not much familiar with these technologies usage. Other than this, it requires a strong network to maintain relationships with globalized customers and to maintain their database is also a quite difficult task, for which it must be evaluated if the leaders are capable to maintain relationships or not (Forbes, 2012). Moreover, organizational structure is another issue, wherein, many a times, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and the team leader have conflicting views to one another, which leads to failure in proper organization of the shop.
    Communication and Training
    Improper communication with the staff members create problems in working in coordination with each other, which usually happens when the shop has a complex management structure (Ryans, 2010). Furthermore, it is essential to provide proper training to new staff members, failing which might create an issue in future working criteria of the shop members.
    The most common potential legal issues that are likely to be faced by Eat Right Healthy Shop may include celebrity embarrassments due to any bad social media behavior, which may give wrong impression to the consumers. The regulations of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) pose other financial-services related issues (Wood, 2011).
    The ethical issues in a marketing plan constitutes recalling of the products with flaws, which can pose a threat to the sales of the shop's products, selling of customers' information, which is available to the online store of the shop that consists details of customers like names, address and their interest in goods and services (Wood, 2011). Other than this, hiring of the potential customers for praising the goods of the shop is another type of ethical issue.
    Information Technology Issues
    Up-gradation of advanced technologies is a major technological issue that could be faced by the shop. The lack of skilled staff members to cope up with the new technology is an issue, which can only be overcome by either training the existing staff member or replacing them with skilled staff members, who can operate with new technologies (Ryans, 2010).
    Marketing Department Budget:

    The marketing department set a budget of around $2,500. It needs to spend about $300 on advertisement's designing and printing, and on web content development, the shop needs to spend $250. Other than this, on website development for advertisement and updates, the shop should allot around $750 and for online advertisement, $35 is required. Moreover, the printing of pamphlets require around $15 and the cost of distribution of pamphlets will cost $50. In addition to this, the cost of hoarding and newspaper advertisement will cost account a total of about $800 and taxes will account to $250.
    Financial Statements
    Balance Sheet
    Projected Balance Sheet
    Non-current assets
    Intangible assets 720,000
    Property, plant and equipment 184,000
    Total Non-current assets 904,000
    Current assets
    Inventories 750,000
    Trade and other receivables 200,000
    Cash and cash equivalents 2,921,411
    Total current assets 3,871,411
    Total Assets 4,775,411
    Current liabilities
    Trade and other payables 854,000
    Total current liabilities 854,000
    Non-current liabilities
    Borrowings 1,000,000
    Total Non-current liabilities 1,000,000
    Total Liabilities 1,854,000
    Net Assets 2,921,411
    Share capital 2,744,470
    Retained earnings 176,941
    Total Equity 2,921,411

    Income Statement
    Sales 1,025,000
    Cost of goods sold 307,500
    Gross income 717,500
    Selling and distribution expenses 102,500
    Administrative expenses 51,250
    Depreciation 86,720
    EBIT 477,030
    Interest Expense 140,000
    Profit before taxation 337,030
    Income tax expense 101,109
    Net profit for the year 235,921

    Statement of Owner's Equity

    Particular Amount ( in $)
    Beginning capital $ -
    Investment $ 2,744,470.00
    Retained earnings 176,941

    Withdrawal $ -
    Total owner's equity $ 2,921,410.75

    Statement of Cash Flow
    Operating activities
    Cash generated by operations 477,030
    Income tax paid 101,109
    Net cash flows from operating activities 375,921
    Investing activities
    Purchase of property, plant and equipment. 200,000
    Purchase of intangible assets 800,000
    Net cash flows from investing activities - 1,000,000
    Financing activities
    Interest paid 140,000
    Bank loan taken 1,000,000
    Share capital 2,744,470
    Dividends paid to shareholders of the Company 58,980
    Net cash flows from financing activities 3,545,490

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