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    Effective Performance Evaluations for Lead Medical Staff

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    Lead doctors and head nurses often consider performance evaluation to be one of most onerous tasks they perform, though they recognize its importance. In order to assist them to be more comfortable in conducting effective performance evaluations of their employees, you are assigned the task to outline a training session that highlights what needs to be done in conducting effective performance evaluations. In three-pages, outline such a training session. Describe the learning objectives of the course and identify key topics that should be covered. Explain your rationale for structuring the course the way you do

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    When it comes to performance evaluations, Forbes contributor, Victor Lipman (10-4-12) says it best. The often daunting task of reviewing the work performance of doctors and nurses is easier when important tasks are completed before the actual review, in the same way that one gets ready for painting a house.

    With attempts at withdrawing as much of the emotional aspect of the task, as possible, establishing simple steps that are clear to both the reviewer and the employee is critical. As Lipman suggests, the following steps make the task more streamline, especially with periodic review or notes and conversation prior to the actual evaluation.

    * Establish clear, measurable, agreed-upon objectives
    * Thorough documentation
    * Formal mid-year evaluation
    * Frequent meetings with meaningful feedback

    Offering immediate feedback along the way with important milestones is invaluable for the staff. Some organizations provide additional feedback and evaluation but determining whether that is too much time spent is important for the corporation. He completes his piece with the reminder that if the final end-year evaluation doesn't go well, the blame can often fall in the lap of the evaluator. When it comes to challenges in securing quality staff in the ...

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    Steps in training and preparing for doctor and nurse performance evaluation is discussed.