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    Emergency & Diasater Management in Public Health

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    After reading the attached Press Release: Public Report Card on Readiness Says Nation has Much Work to do. Please discuss the following:

    Millions of dollars have been spent providing disaster preparation information and encouraging individuals and families to prepare. The results of the national survey using the new Public Readiness Index are less than desired. Should more money continue to be spent on informing the public to promote individual and family preparation for a disaster? If so, why? If not, how could the money be better used?

    See the attached file.

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    Some of the money that is used today (probably half) should be spent on pure education programs for public preparedness of an emergency situation. This type of education would include seminars, flyers, tv ads and pamphlets that would educate the public on what to do when an emergency hits. This money should also go into preparing local officials and emergency responders to handle these situations as well because most people ...

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