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Human Resources Communications in Organizations

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Help needed in answering the below question.

How can you effectively communicate change throughout an organization? What are the things you need to consider when communicating change?

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Communicating change within an organization must be completed accurately and in a timely manner so that there is a uniform, shared message throughout the company. Changes must be specified clearly with a consistent message to all individuals; if certain aspects of change are omitted, the rumor mill may fill in the blanks, making it harder to impede anger and mistrust by employees later. Poor communication throughout an organization can lead to numerous problems for an organization and waste value time trying to rebuild goodwill. If the changes have hit the rumor mill, communication is already too late. In addition, communicating change is not a once and done message; there are four important steps for communicating change within an organization that take time for both the sender of the message and the receiving audience:

1. Send an initial, clear message in writing - Let your employees know as quickly as possible about the changes that are occurring in writing, either through a company memo or mass e-mail. This will ...

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Human resource communications in organizations are examined.