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The Safety of Drinking Water

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Discuss an element of drinking water where you see a public health gap or need that should be addressed. You may bring up a specific case relevant to your community if you have one, or bring up a global issue.

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As a native of Victoria, British columbia, I am no stranger to water quality issues. The interesting thing is that to many, British Columbia embodies all that is natural; many assume that our water supply is pristine when that is actually far from the truth. Here is a website with much discussion on the water quality in B.C., and some other info for water in Victoria specifically:




Much of the problem is that our water comes primarily from surface sources - watersheds on the island are used almost exclusively. This leads to many problems with contamination and taste/odor issues because the watersheds are a) sometimes within logging and/or farming areas and b) subject to what is known as "drawdown" in the ...

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Gaps is the sanitation of drinking water is discussed in this solution.

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As our drinking water supplies become scarce and as water resources become polluted due to human and industrial development, fears over the quality of drinking water have grown in the past few years. More and more people are turning to bottled water for their drinking water needs because they fear that drinking water from the tap is harmful. Americans spend millions of dollars on bottled water every year. Is bottled water safer than tap water? Please justify your position with in-text citations and 250+ words.

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