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    Bottled water safety

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    As our drinking water supplies become scarce and as water resources become polluted due to human and industrial development, fears over the quality of drinking water have grown in the past few years. More and more people are turning to bottled water for their drinking water needs because they fear that drinking water from the tap is harmful. Americans spend millions of dollars on bottled water every year. Is bottled water safer than tap water? Please justify your position with in-text citations and 250+ words.

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    Just as we are all thinking of getting over the habit of using plastics, more and more people across the globe especially in developed countries are switching to using bottled water. It is assumed bottled water is safer than tap water but is it really?
    There are several reasons why bottled water is not as safe as it is assumed nor is it environmentally friendly:
    1. To manufacture bottles several tons of fossil fuel is used causing more pollution to the environment. Most of the times the bottles are not disposed correctly nor are they recycled which is again a source of ...

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    The solution justifies why bottled water is not as safe as generally assumed.