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    Public Water Supply

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    Permits for different environmental activities require costs to the facility that is applying for the permit along with costs for the governmental agency that runs the permit program. Many people view water as free and a public water supply is not required to obtain a permit to serve water to the public. In your opinion, would requiring public water supplies to obtain a permit to serve water to the public increase the importance of drinking water and therefore compliance with drinking water regulations? Provide a thorough response supporting your opinion.


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    Obtaining permit to serve water to the public does not increase the importance of drinking water to the public. Whenever public water supply is provided free to the public, there is some cost incurred by the provider. The cost is incurred by the city, municipality, county, a company, or even individuals. The purpose is to provide service free of cost to the public. The objective may be corporate social responsibility, or philanthropy (a). Drinking water regulations relating to the use of drinking water by the public relates to misuse of drinking water, or ...

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