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Water safety impacts

What impact does having safe clean drinking water have on the environment? How does this affect environmental psychology?

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As you brainstorm the impact of having safe clean drinking water upon the environment, I feel like water safety and access allows people to have a high standard and quality of life. Sadly, research reveals that about "one-sixth of the world's people don't have easy access to safe water" (www.geo.umass.edu/faculty/seaman/EnvGeol/nov8powerpoint.ppt).

Since most water resources are owned by governments or are managed "as publicly owned resources" (www.geo.umass.edu/faculty/seaman/EnvGeol/nov8powerpoint.ppt), this issue creates social as well as economic, political, and even cultural divisions within society. It almost makes a rigid line between "haves and have nots," thus, strongly affecting environmental psychology and how people are impacted by this access or lack of.

Effects of safe water upon the environment are different than ramifications for humans since in the United States ...

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The impact of safe, clean drinking water upon the environment and citizens is briefly articulated and validated with data.