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    Water Pollution and Eutrophication

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    In regards to water pollution, please answer the following questions:
    1. Define Eutrophication
    2. Discuss the causes and sources of Eutrophication.
    3. Discuss impacts due to the pollution issue both on the natural environment/ecosystems and human populations.
    What are some solutions to mitigate the problem?

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    Eutrophication can be defined as an increase in the level of nutrients (artificial or natural) like nitrates and phosphates in an aquatic system or water body.

    There are many sources and causes of Eutrophication. Some of them are listed below:
    1. Farming involves the use of fertilizers, the chemicals in them can run into the nearby source of water and pollute it
    2. Increase of ...

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    The solution discusses eutrophication with the causes and sources of it. The solution also discusses the impacts of eutrophication on the environment and suggests solutions to mitigate the problem