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Environmental Management Studies

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Water pollution occurs when contaminants enter a water body and the water body becomes impacted: farms, industries, and even homes can be a source of pollution.

Environmental pollution topic: Eutrophication

Discuss the following:

Definition of selected pollution topic.
Causes and sources of pollution.
Impacts due to the pollution issue both on the natural environment/ecosystems and human populations.
Recommended Solutions to mitigate the problem.

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Topic: Eutrophication

Definition of selected pollution topic:

Enrichment is the presence of high levels of plants and algal nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Eutrophication is an enrichment problem. The enrichment of a lake or slow-flowing stream causes a body of water to be eutrophic. We must address enrichment in order to have an effect on eutrophication.

Causes and sources of pollution:

A water-body with high levels of sewage or organic material enables the decomposing ...

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The solution gives a discussion on how water bodies becomes impacted and how farms, industries, and even homes can be a source of this pollution as well as a definition of eutrophication and some causes, sources and recommend solutions.
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