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    Hypothesizing about water pollution

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    A dairy farmer in Wisconsin loves to fish in a tiny lake adjacent to his property. In recent weeks, he has had terrible luck, catching few or no fish every time he goes out. He also notices that the lake has an unusually high amount of algae in it.

    Based on this information, formulate a hypothesis, make a prediction, and design an experiment to find out why the farmer is catching few or no fish and why the amount of algae is unusually high.

    In a short paragraph, present your hypothesis, prediction, and experiment.

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    Dairy farm, algae...I'd say eutrophication due to nutrient pollution.

    Two main tests to ascertain.

    1) DO (dissolved oxygen) - would likely show low O2 levels.

    2) Test ...

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    Solution presents maner in which to examine observed phenomena in an area presumed to be polluted by dairy-farm waste.