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    Will Banning Phosphate Builders Slow Eutrophication?

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    Assume that algae need carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in the atomic ratio 106:16:1. What is the limiting nutrient in the lake that contains the following concentrations: total carbon = 20 mg/L, total N = 0.80 mg/L and total P = 0.16 mg/L? If it is known that half the phosphorus in the lake originates from the use of phosphate detergents, will banning phosphate builders slow down eutrophication?

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    Limiting reagent questions demand that you compare compounds or components on a mole to mole basis. In order to do that you need to take these masses and convert them into moles.

    Take one liter of the water.

    20 mg C
    0.80 mg N
    0.16 mg P

    divide by their ...

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    Solution walks through the steps to finding out if banning phosphate builders can save a lake.