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Identify and discuss some of the HR challenges identified in the literature in the context of your employment. In other words which of the identified/documented HR challenges have you witnessed or experienced at your place of employment? In discussing the challenged that you faced, did other employees feel the same about these challenges? The challenges you discuss may be present or past challenges.

Can someone please help me out with some ideas.

Please cite any references if used.

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For the purposes of your assignment, consider a hypothetical employment. Choose your ideal work place! Make sure this is ok with your instructor though. Alternatively, think back to any experiences you've ever had working in a group setting, be that volunteer work with organizations or even just group projects for school, and think of HR challenges which would be translatable to those situations.

Consider the HR challenges that might come about. I suggest you go for the more common ones:

1) Interpersonal conflict
2) Different expectations between managerial staff and ...

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