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How can the Shannon-Weaver communications model be applied to these?

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Much of health assessment, planning, evaluation, and policy making depends on communication. How can the Shannon-Weaver communications model be applied to these? What noise (interruptions or barriers) could stand in the way of effectively communicating health information within the community? Give an example of a possible noise.

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This solution discusses the Shannon-Weaver model of communication in 525 words. References are provided.

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The Shannon-Weaver model for communications is a common format used to show how one person can transmit a message to another and the receiver can get a completely different message. The model itself has five distinct steps that start with the information source, then to a transmitter. At that point there are sources of noise that may change or interrupt the intended transmission. From there, the receiver picks up the message and then to the final destination. Although this seems quite convoluted, it usually occurs between two people. This representation was a telephone-based communication model that was first used as a metaphor to show how messages sent along through the airways can lose some of its intent (http://stevefournier01.tripod.com/hist/hist-6.html).

The noise is the ...

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