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    Problem 1:

    In a typical mobile communications base station (or cell site), a radio frequency (RF) signal is amplified in the base station and then sent (over cable) to the antennas at the top of the tower. Consider the case where a RF signal is applied to a 20 dB amplifier in the base station. The cable loss between this amplifier and the antennas at the top of the 100 feet tower is 9 dB. If the input to the amplifier is 3 Watts, what is the output power at the antenna?

    Problem 2:

    Consider a communications channel with a bandwidth of 4,000 Hz. What is the minimum required S/N to support a capacity of 64,000 bps?

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    1. The total gain from the amplifier up to the antenna is:
    G = 20dB - 9dB
    G = 11dB

    The ...

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