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    Minority Population - Demographic Trends

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    Study the population trends in North Carolina. For example, what are the rates of increase or decrease in minority populations, various age groups, and immigrants? What problems and opportunities do these trends suggest for health educators/promoters? Suggest some programming ideas to meet the needs of the shifting population.

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    The demographic trends in North Carolina are that there are 71.7% white alone in 2013 compared to 77.7% in the USA. For minority like Black or African American alone, there are about 22.0% in 2013 and about 13.2% in the USA. For Asian alone, there are about 2.6% in North Carolina vs 5.3% in USA. In North Carolina, the percent of Hispanic or Latino is 8.9% vs. 17.1% in the USA.
    The demographics for the Latinos and Hispanics in North Carolina are that they accounted for about 25% of ...

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    311 words with a reference give some programming ideas and trends for educators to know in these populations. References are provided to aid in the understanding of the question provided.