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Health Promotion Initiatives to Fight Childhood Obesity

Imagine that you have developed a health promotion initiative to fight childhood obesity. The program consists of having children exercise, distribute healthy snacks and attempting to educate them on healthy habits. What channels or materials would you use to implement your program and why?

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Generally, when this writer chooses to do anything, it is with the least amount of energy and for the biggest payoff. Therefore, pooling resources, finding enthusiastic volunteers and corporate partnerships would be the first consideration. Enlisting stakeholders whom have a large incentive for reducing obesity is paramount to determine. Failing to mention CHILDHOOD obesity is noteworthy because while the marketing and actual programing would be with children in mind, knowing that the 'apple doesn't fall far from the tree,' and the likelihood of other family members having eating problems is strong.

When one thinks of childhood, preteens come to mind and knowing exactly the target population is critical. It is difficult to precisely focus on the details for this query without knowing critical demographics. For example, if the ...

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Understanding demographics and tips for implementing a successful health education program for children and families about nutrition is discussed.