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One of the most interesting new channels for marketers is the blog.

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Hi Adina,
It is just a discussion questions and only need like one paragraph of your thoughts. Response from reading this article.


One of the most interesting new channels for marketers is the blog. Blogs are growing like wildfire -- both in terms of the numbers of blogs and people participating, but also in their reach and significance in the world. Marketers have started using blogs in lots of interesting -- and some controversial -- ways.

Read this article for a basic intro to blogs and how businesses are using them. It's an older article, but provides a good intro to the issue.

What are your thoughts regarding the use of blogs for marketing purposes? Are there potential ethical issues with employees of a company posting company or product info on blogs? Does it make a difference if those people disclose that they are employees rather than assumng the role of "Everyday Joe"?

Do not have to answer these questions, these are the question to think while writing your thoughts.

Do you believe it is fair for companies to pay their employees to blog and say specific, positive things or pay independent bloggers for saying certain things? Do you blog? How much of what you post and/or see on blogs is company or product related? Do the comments made by others on blogs have an impact on how you perceive a company or product? Can you find any examples of blog postings that you believe were the result of marketing?

Any other thoughts or comments??

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Hi, I read through the article quickly, and here is my thoughts on blogs.

Blogs seem to have more credibility then an advertising campaign for example, especially if it is written by an employee of a firm. People who read the blog get a sense of honestly from these types of blogs - where a person who is in "the know" will write comments because they want to - not because they are paid to do it. In fact, many blogs are becoming a huge marketing phenomena. Authors are creating blogs to promote their books. They will write ...

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One of the most interesting new channels for marketers is the blog.

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