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    Earned or paid media within an organization

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    Please help me with the four questions below using one of the attached articles.

    In regards to earned or paid media within an organization

    1. How does paid and/or earned media affect the product, pricing, distribution, and promotional strategies of an organization?
    2. What are the tools commonly used in the paid and/or earned media venues?
    3. How do marketers measure and evaluate using paid and/or earned media?
    4. What is your opinion regarding the credibility of paid and/or earned media communication?

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    1. How earned media affect the product, pricing, distribution, and promotional strategies of an organization?

    Earned media offers the businesses the ability to feature their organization in online and offline publications, access to the wider public through consumer's social media posts and tweets, and also provides an ability to allow potential consumers to make decisions on the business predicated upon product reviews and blog posts from consumers who have already purchased the merchant's services. This provides the ability for the organization to amplify their content while focuses on reaching their target audience. The promotional strategy for earned media affects the business by requiring the business to connect with consumers on a more personal level wherein the business is able to use interesting storylines such as innovative products to create a media pitch and release articles to share with journalists and publications that will be talked about by these journalists or those who have read the article. This exposes the organization to a greater potential audience and when customers connect with the brand, they will subsequently pass the information to other consumers who further build the brand and ...

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    The solution examines earned or paid media within an organization. The tools commonly used by marketers are determined. The expert determines how marketers measure the evaluate using paid and earned media.