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Electronic Commerce.

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Research and apply the content from a minimum of three recent articles about Electronic Commerce. Discuss your viewpoint on the topic and refer to the content from the articles to support your findings.

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Electronic Commerce
Research and apply the content from a minimum of three recent articles about Electronic Commerce.
The Internet continues to change every aspects of our life, and changes the way consumers make their purchase decisions. One of the most popular activities on the Web is shopping. It has much allure in it - you can shop at your leisure, anytime, and in your pajamas. Literally anyone can have their pages built to display their specific goods and services.
It is essential for organizations, large or small, to understand ecommerce from a broad perspective, to learn the basics of underlying technology, to assess the impact of the technology on business processes, to foresee how the Internet may shape the course of the future in our everyday life and business word, and to fully enjoy the benefits of electronic ecommerce in their business practices.

Definition and Concept of Electronic Commerce
"Electronic commerce is narrowly defined as buying and selling products/services over the Internet. The concept has been broadened to include all business activities of a sales cycle. The distinction between Ecommerce and E-business has become blurred. Ecommerce and Electronic Commerce has been used interchangeably, Electronic Business, however, has not been a widely accepted terminology. "1
Let us understand the benefits and limitations of Ecommerce:

I. First article on ecommerce from: http://www.witiger.com/ecommerce/benefits-limitations.htm:

Ecommerce has following benefits:

1) Website acts as a marketing tool with Lower Sales and Marketing Costs.
Ecommerce store can act as a 24*7 sales man of the organization. This has lesser overheads as compared to the physical store. Procurement processing costs can be ...

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