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OD practitioner

Read The OD Letter between Larry and Ryan. You are to act as an OD practitioner who has been asked to advise Ryan on how to work with the XRS Laser Group. Create a case analysis using the Case Analysis Format.
You're going to be making some recommendations to the XRS Laser Group, including your justification, based upon the OD letter attached.


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I. Problems
A. Macro
1.__Weak Leadership_______________________________________
2.____Lack of Communication_____________________________________

B. Micro
1.___Conflicts among personnel______________________________________
2.____Lack of motivation to work._____________________________________
II. Causes

1.__Low trust among team members._______________________________________
2.___Poor example set by John______________________________________
3.___The objectives are not clear/communicated._________________

III. Systems Affected
1. Structural: The leadership is legitimate but has not been able to earn the respect of team members. ...

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