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    Outline for marketing product

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    Marketing strategy on "introducing flavored milk beverages to a target market of 6 - 12 year olds".

    3Submit a complete outline based on the information described in point 4 as well as a paragraph or two explaining briefly what our marketing plan will entail and why.

    4) The outline should refer to the following information

    A) Current marketing situation

    B) Opportunity and issue analysis

    C) Objectives

    D) Marketing strategy

    E) Action Programs

    F) Financial projections

    G) Implementation controls

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    Marketing strategy on "introducing flavored milk beverages to a target market of 6 - 12 year olds

    The current marketing situation
    The flavored milk beverage Milkos is targettted at 6-12 years old school going children and it fulfills their need to have a cold flavored filling tasty drink. The trend of the children away from flavored water based drinks opens up new opportunities for Milkos. This drink will be sold in bottles and through dispensers in schools and in grocery stores. The pricing of the bottle will be at par with carbonated drinks. Initially the drink will be in five flavors and each flavor will have a different distinct color.
    Our main strength lies in the fact that milk is perceived to be nutritious. The weakness is that many parents believe flavored milk to be fattening. The threat lies from nutrition specialists who may declare Milkos to be bad for children's health.

    Opportunity and Issue Analysis
    The opportunity arises because of a sustained campaign against flavored water based drinks that they give empty calories to children. These drinks are perceived to lay the foundation for unhealthy drinking habits and for obesity. The nutrition specialists even go to the extent of saying that these drinks lay down the foundation for heart disease when the children grow up. In contrast, milk based drinks create the perception ...