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Product advertising strategy

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1. Select a product you like,

2. List at least 3 places where you found it promoted.

3. Discuss how the ads caught your attention.

4. What made you notice these ads?

5. What type of appeal did the messages use to capture attention?

6. Did you or will you buy the product because of the ads?

7. Explain why or why not.

8. Please cite the references used in finding the places this product was advertised.

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For this, I may select a product such as Apple, the global computing products giant. I have seen this product promoted on TV commercials with the Mac vs. PC portrayal by two actors. There are many Apple ads in the magazines that I read showing the sleek design of their products and touting the desirable attributes of owning an Apple product. Finally, I have seen the product ...

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Product Advertising Strategies: Discuss the ads appeal of the message to capture attention

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