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Negotiation skills

Discuss a negotiation that did not result in the best possible solution for all parties. This negotiation can relate to a work experience, a family or friend experience or any other experience where you were an active member of a negotiation.

Discuss how the negotiation experience actually happened and then consider the negotiating techniques that you have learned about in the past four weeks of class and then offer an explanation of how you could have conducted the negotiation better.

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One negotiation that I observed was between a tenant, his roommate, and the owner of a duplex the first two were renting. The ultimate decision left all without any satisfaction.

Names are changed...;>)
Donald and Denise rented a duplex from Arnie. Donald was on the lease as responsible and Denise was on it as living in the duplex with Donald. Donald and Denise had a written agreement about each paying half of the rent each month. They had been dating, but broke up and Denise was dating Kurt. Kurt works part time and stays most nights at the duplex. Donald was injured in an accident that left him unable to work for six months. He got an expenses settlement for the six months he was out of work and paid his half of the rent. Denise only made partial payments (partial in respect to the agreement she has with Donald) and Kurt paid nothing.

Arnie received Donald's rent, which he agreed to wait on the ...

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