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    Elements of a Negotiation and the Role of Perception

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    1. What are the elements of a negotiation? What are some of the problems you have experienced when negotiating? How would you address these problems?

    2 What is the role of perception in negotiation? Based on past experience, what are two most common perception problems in negotiation? What safeguards would you employ to avoid misperceptions in negotiation?

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    What are the elements of a negotiation?

    "Every part of our business and life requires negotiation skills. The ability to negotiate will increase our successes, open up opportunities, and improve relationships. Negotiating skills are not part of this country's formal education, though negotiation is used more often than math skills, every day. These skills create the core of our professional and personal lives." (Walters 2007) That being said, prior to any negotiation, the product that will be negotiated needs to be located. The first step in negotiations is to be clear as to what is wanted. If the message is not clear, time will be wasted on the parts of all parties involved. In laymen's terms, in negotiations, both parties want to reach an agreement. Negotiation is a tool to get both parties to meet in the middle and make the decision to move forward or to not move forward.

    The elements of negotiation include - Relationship, Communication, Alternatives, Interests, Options, Legitimacy, and Commitment. ...

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