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Recruitment issues and employee testing

1. When given the choice, would you recruit and hire a person who was a brilliant and high-performing individualist and loner or an average performer who works well with others? What priority or weighting should characteristics like these have when making employment decisions?

2. Consider the following statement: "Employment testing is irrelevant for most selection decisions." Do you agree or disagree? Why?

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1. Job analysis would dictate that the job be defined before the person filling the job, and this procedure should be considered when looking for an employee to fill a position. We all tend to try to adapt circumstances to fit the person involved, but in truth, that is not a very efficient method to fill a position. If there is an organizational chart or analysis of the expectations of a particular job, the inherent efficiency in that process means the position itself was considered in relation to the overall objective of the company.

This brilliant loner you interviewed would be perfect if you were looking for a medical researcher at a University, a book editor or a software analyst. However, if you were recruiting for a public relations position, a social worker or an office ...

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The 500 word solution presents an in depth look at job analysis and how it can be applied in employment decisions. The second part of the solution discusses how informal testing can be managed in an interview to test the credibility of the interviewee claims about experience and capabilities.