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HR Issues with Temp Employees, Drug Testing

My study group is having difficulty agreeing on the following questions. Please provide and answer to each with justification.

1. Recently some companies began to use temporary employees. Do you know why? Assume your company wants you to make a recruitment advertising for hiring temporary employees, what guidelines will you follow to make sure that recruitment advertising does not violate equal employment laws?

2. What is the current status of drug testing in US business? Do you think drug testing is justifiable? Please discuss.

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Companies are beginning to outsource more and more of their operations-employment being one of many. Temporary employment is, in essence, just another form of that. There are several reasons why companies do this:

1) In a turbulent economy it is easier to employ temporary help than it is to constantly hire and fire with variations in the market.
2) Temporary help is less expensive. Although the hourly wage paid to a temp is higher than a typical employee, it is cheaper to not have to be concerned with various bookkeeping issues including additional human resource expense, record keeping expense; not to mention the advertising expense (recruitment) and related interviewing, etc.
3) The employer pays for actual productivity. There are no paid sick days, vacation days, or holidays. Salary expense in this regard is directly related to productivity and not perks.

In order to recruit temporary help, there are several issues (pretty much the same as typical employee recruitment) that must be carefully considered:

Any ads cannot contain language that discriminates against any protect groups including race, ethnicity, age, those with disabilities, ...

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