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    HR and Change Management

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    Please answer these questions assessing the HR issues that would arise if two companies within the Cable TV Industry were to merge.
    a. Explain the principles of effective organizational change and discuss how you would apply them in this merger.
    b. Determine the appropriate change process for the change situation that would arise as a result of this merger.
    c. Develop a plan for implementing the change process you have determined is appropriate.
    d. Prepare contingency strategies for managing resistance to this change process.
    e. Explain how you would evaluate the success of this change process from all stakeholder perspectives.
    f. Explain the role of HR in change management.

    Please provide any references used to answer these questions.

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    The response address the queries posted in 1736 words with references.

    //For this query, you should have an understanding of various HR issues and Change Management. This query is divided into parts, which are to be answered, as per the given instructions. I am going to assist you on these questions, which would help you to answer them. //
    Answer 1
    //This part requires you to define the principles of effective 'Organizational Change' and its implementation in merger. I am going to guide you on this topic. See the text below: //

    Organizational Change
    In today's world there is a great need for organizational change from time to time because of increasing globalization and technological advances. Proper plans and policies should be framed for implementing organizational change. Organizational change is the alteration of work environment in an organization. It implies a new equilibrium between different components of the organization such as technology, structural arrangement, job design and people. It is a continuous process. It maintains the equilibrium between various external and internal forces to achieve organizational goals. Changes in an organization are mostly planned by the leaders of the organization. The process and implementation of change should be effective and the organization should be able enough to manage resistance to change (Change Management, 2006).
    Organizational change is based upon various principles, which state that an organizational change should involve all people in the organization and try to seek their full support, understand the present position of the organization and analyze in which direction should the organization move. It also states that appropriate measures should be taken for managing change and plans the right strategy for change. The responsibility of change management should be handled properly, free and open communication should be there in the organization and there should be right vision for planning organizational change. These principles should be kept in consideration while planning for change in an organization. They are the guidelines to organizational change.
    Answer 2

    //This part of you query requires you to determine the change process, which is most appropriate in the given situation such as merger between two companies. In the following part, we would be discussing on these points: //
    Change Process
    During the merger, there seemed to be an increased impression of ambiguity regarding the needs and benefits of creating a new company. The development of competence and learning is an important constituent of change process. The appropriate change process for the situation that has appeared due to the merger is described in the following steps:
    Unfreezing: Due to the merger process, the employee's behavior may be inadequate to the changing demands of the situation. The management requires conveying the employees ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1736 words with references.